When thinking of Nevada, We think of Las Vegas and gambling. This is probably the most common thought everyone has about the state of Nevada. That said, the state isn’t just slot machines and craps tables.

Nevada has warm weather, desert air, beautiful golf courses, world-class spas, outdoor activities, affordable housing, and no state tax and no inheritance tax.


Not only does Nevada have relaxed gambling laws, but also some of the best tax benefits for retirees. Property tax rates are low and there is no state income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. Withdrawals from retirement accounts and public and private pension income are also not taxed. 


Low Cost of Living.

According to Zillow, the median home value in Nevada is $291,800, While that may still be a tick above the national average, retirees who choose Nevada will still pay far less for a home than they would in other retirement havens like Scottsdale, Palm Springs, and parts of Florida. As far as other expenses, things like grocery, health, and utilities are at or below average statewide, with much lower cost of living in smaller towns. 


Pleasant Climate.

Warm and sunny…music to the ears of almost every retiree. Nevada boasts a semi-arid climate with very light rainfall totals…and no snow to shovel! You’ll also be far from hurricanes, risk very few earthquakes, and tornadoes are nearly non-existent. Sure, Las Vegas and other southern Nevada cities are known for triple-digit temps in the summer, but most of the year tends to be mild and warm where average temperatures vary from about 66°F in Carson City in the south to 47°F in Elko in the north.


Fun, Active, and Entertaining.

Boredom shouldn’t be an issue in Nevada—the gambling and entertainment capital of the world. Besides all the obvious attractions and excitement of the Las Vegas strip (gambling, shows, shopping, food, people watching, etc.), the state offers top-notch golf courses along with beautiful natural areas such as Lake Mead, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Hoover Dam, and Lake Tahoe. 


Convenient For Friends and Family.

If you’re concerned about moving away from friends and family when you retire, you can rest a little easier when you end up in Nevada. An attractive tourist destination for all ages, frequent visits from your loved ones shouldn’t be an issue. With many kid-friendly activities and attractions, your grandkids are sure to love their time in Nevada, and flights to Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport are pretty cheap and accessible. “

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Let's Get YOU Moved!

Let's Get YOU Moved!


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