Life happens and unfortunate situations where you have to start over could be more bearable if the main budget to keep you alive is easier to meet.

Despite the fact that the cost of living in Nevada is 4% higher than the US average one, it is still much more affordable than in California. Here you can save on utilities that are much cheaper as well as obtain a dwelling that is thrice cheaper than in the Sunshine State. A median home price even in Las Vegas, the most expensive city to live in Nevada, is only $256,300. In Los Angeles, the sum is almost three times higher – over $600,000.


Renting in Las Vegas

Renters in Las Vegas face a less volatile market, as rentals in the city are relatively affordable. According to Apartment List’s March 2019 data, studios in Las Vegas go for a $763 median rent. A one bedroom place will cost you $933 a month, and a two bedroom runs $1,157.

Although each of the rents above are cheaper than national marks, they are a bit pricier than the rest of Nevada. Here’s how Las Vegas rents compare to statewide medians:

Studio: $725 ($38 less than the Las Vegas median)
One bedroom: $883 ($50 less than the Las Vegas median)
Two bedroom: $1,109 ($48 less than the Las Vegas median)
Three bedroom: $1,610 ($74 less than the Las Vegas median)



May 2019 data from indicates that a basic utilities package for a 915-square foot place in Las Vegas could cost you $148.24 per month. This estimate includes electricity, heating, water and garbage. Internet costs about $68.28 a month in Vegas, which is around $6 above the national average.



Despite being in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas’ food costs remain fairly low. According to, the recommended minimum daily food budget is $9.23. That works out to roughly $286 a month, which is almost $40 beneath the U.S. average.



For car owners, the average cost of a gallon of gas in Las Vegas is $3.46, according to GasBuddy (May 2019). While that’s below average for the state of Nevada ($3.49), its 59 cents higher than the $2.87 national average. Nevada’s gas taxes are the 17th-highest in the country at 33.78 cents per gallon.



Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas as a tourist probably knows about the city’s steep hotel tax of 13.35%. The city also has an 8.25% sales tax. The good news, though, is that Nevada has no state income tax.

Property taxes in Nevada are relatively low. Clark County, home to Las Vegas, has an average effective property tax rate of 0.80%. For reference, the highest county rate in Nevada is 1.04% (Pershing County) and the lowest is 0.47% (Eureka County).

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